Divide and conquer has been a practice going way back in time. Unity is the enemy of those who would rule and exploit humanity. The answer is loyalty to your own group and at a higher level, loyalty to your nation or race.

The powers that be (you make up your mind on this – these powers have hidden themselves so well and created myths so powerful that discussion on this serves to further divide people – problem is that when the nation(s) starts to deal with the problems they have created, they are able to switch sides, blend into the host nations(s), go dormant until the environment against favors their growth and rapidly transform society back into a host for their parasitism) makes war upon ethnic unity. For an empire to exist the small group needs to be eliminated so that the work of the empire (power, glory, slavery) can be done.

The group is based upon an intimate relationship with each other forming a culture created by the group and a land upon which the group lives and upon which the group depend for survival. Break the group and you open markets for their goods and services. Where would Walmart or McDonalds (which do so much harm in conjunction with other corporations) be if there was 100 % loyalty the small group with an identity and culture?

Capitalism is all about the price of things but about the true value of nothing. It creates a war of each person against every other person. There is no loyalty there and no security. It’s all about THE SACRED MARKET where what you can do for me today is all important and where there is no loyalty that carries over from the past. And when you slow down due to accident, illness, misfortune or old-age, you can be caste aside. And where a few unjustly benefit themselves as the expense of most people of the nation. The few steal the material resources first and use government by means of bribery to secure these resources and sell them back to the people at exorbitant prices. Basically each person becomes the property of the system by incurring massive debts to pay for necessities that are largely rightfully theirs. Their labor can then be bought and sold as seen best by the privileged elite of wealth.

What wife would like a system where her husband could say in effect that there is someone else down the block who would give him a better deal for his time and investment since she had slowed down or worn out. Or how about the child whose parents said that there is a smarter child with a better personality that would make life better for the parents so they need to move out. That’s capitalism for you.

The whole system is not build upon values common to the common soul of white people. The answer to this age-old dilemma is loyalty to your own kind. If you are white are you loyal to your own kind? Are you betraying your own kind by attempting to get benefits from a system that destroys?