What facts do people have to support the value of a multi-racial society? There aren’t any!!!!! Why do people believe in this fantasy? Probably because they are never grown up sufficiently to think for themselves. The propaganda received in childhood gives them a warm and secure feeling that is a foundation for their life.

I was watching a children’s propaganda movie the other day. The movie creators portrayed a lion, a zebra, a giraffe and a hippopatamus and assorted other animals as playmates and friends. Does it do children a service by presenting the nature as so different from what it is? When children are young they are highly suggestible. Unfortunately, this suggestiblilty has been turned against society in the form of a deeply held subconscious belief by many in a multi-racial society.

I remember another movie for children where the bulls (male) in the movie had udders (female sex characteristics). When I pointed this out to other adults there was a look of scorn on their faces and no comments.