Is this not genocide of the white race, two out of every three white people having been ethnically cleansed by some means, reducing white percentage of the world’s population from 30 % to less than 10%. This puts the risk of white extinction by the beginning of the 22nd century as highly probably (projecting past trends into the future).

What has caused this dramatic and massive loss of white live?

Beyond the natural honesty and idealism of white people which has made it hard for white people to comprehend others that lie as a success strategy, the natural psychopaths and sociopaths among white people have combined with alien forces to enslave white people. The causes are within and without and need to be justly remedied.

The following are among the causes:

1. War of white nation against white nation, caused by an alien fifth column within white nations that have turned nation against nation, financing both sides and making huge profits on the costs of war and the financing. the costs of war have never been paid and as a result have kept white nations in financially bondage from generation to generation.

2. Death through severe prison conditions, such as, the Russian labor camps and genocides of white Christians within the Soviet Russian borders. Estimated at 66,000,000 in the gulags alone. The communist system destroyed a tremendous amount of the best genes of the white race in eastern Europe.

3. Ethnic cleansing and killing of prisoners of war in Germany and every country in central europe following WWII. 20-25,000,000 or more.

4. wars orchestrated through false flag events to manipulate countries into war. Example, the Main in the Spanish American War, Pearl Harbor, Tonkin Bay Incident, 9-11 event, WMD in Gulf War I,

5. Transfer of white race wealth by creation of the Federal Reserve System and all the fraud surrounding that which is based upon creation by a private corporation of money out of nothing and charging interest thereon without audit. Foreign Aid program to support growth of third world populations while creating perpetual debt and therefore perpetual debt slaves of white people. Gaining copntrol of governments by bribery, theft and fraud and murder where necessary to expand control over white people as well as expand the role of government and huge national debt. FINANCIAL MISMANAGEMENT CREATES INSECURITY AND INSTABILITY WHICH IS A PRESSURE TO REDUCE OFFSPRING AMONG WHITES WHILE FINANCING THE GROWTH OF OTHER RACES US GENOCIDE. Creation of monopolies to transfer wealth to corporations behind which the elite rich hide and thus increase the cost of living of white people.

6. Nearly total media control as the organ of propaganda for the European nations. Negligent reporting and withholding facts which are important to the survival of the white people.

7. Government education control to replace the normal and natural white culture by an alien culture based upon a materialistic philosophy of Marxism-communism-fascism-capitalism-christianity as the basis of creation of empire.

8. Medical based upon false science causing immeasurable suffering, death and chronic diseases. Introducing drugs and medical procedures that are untested and harmful. Under a hidden hand, new diseases and rare diseases have become epidemic with the response that the cause is unknown and yet they have been found guilty in court of lying.

9. propaganda program to encourage reduction of white population by birth control, abortion and adoption of non-white offspring. This in effects changes the gene pool of white people which is genocide.

10. Destroying the supply of healthy food. Mining the soil for profit which removes the future security for feeding white people and their offspring. Introducing poisonous chemicals into the soil and food supply which cause genetic damage for 20-30 generations.

11. A consistent policy of increased taxation to make the humblest of white people suffer for lack of all necessities and simply live in bondage without the benefits that even a slave master would have provided in times past.

12. A consistent policy of immigration to white countries and only white countries to force white people into extinction. This has been done against the overwhelming public opinion against such action. It can truly be said white people are not represented in government on this vital issue and on so many other issues. The governments are alien to white people and yet deceptively plead that the nations are ruled by democracy.