It’s the capitalist that wants a blended humanity because its more profitable and easier to manage the global plantation with a homogenous and hopefully docile slave labor class. The capitalist says she respects diversity and yet eliminates diversity. Just sense the barbarity of blending various gene pools for the benefit of the capitalist. Each subgroup of humanity has spent extended generations growing and adapting to environments and developing distinctive uniqueness. Racial strategies for growth and survival have been developed and become hardwired into the genes and behaviors of each. And someone, for profit, wants to come and blend this all together as an experiment without regard to losses or suffering created. To the criminal psychopathic capitalist all that matters is the bottom line profit to themselves and not to the true and true cost in total.

Capitalism is typified by pollution and the depletion of life by exploiting natural resources. Whole species become extinct as a result of a thought form which is contrary to balance with nature. Mankind is affected adversely by capitalism just as the water, air, soil and all the sorts of animal life.

One tool used to get there is to preach Diversity when in fact a blended humanity will eliminate diversity. Human beings do have compassion and so the global slavery plan is sold in compassionate way by using code words, such as, freedom, equality and brotherhood. There is however no discussion allowed regarding their code words and the actual facts of the doings and results of their system.

The left-right spectrum paradigm is a useful tool to create conflict while the enslaving of societies continues. Both left and right attack each other for the master benefit. The safe place is in the center with those of like mind and values. Culture is an expression of that like mindedness. It develops naturally as a society transcends the material needs of physical existence and the soul is renewed by contact with higher levels of the cosmos.

Capitalism is only about the lower levels so can never satisfy anyone. It can only provide the culture of the McDonald’s quarter-pounder and rap music. It can only operate octaves believe the true needs of humanity.

Look to your identity as a white person. Reclaim your people and your culture. Reclaim your freedom. Don’t let your sacred genetic inheritance be destroyed.